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TSUKU-local Event “Generate your own electricity!”

▼▼▼ TSUKU-local Event “Generate your own electricity!” ▼▼▼

Workshop: Installation of a small-scale solar electricity generation system

Currently we are having a boom of TSUKU-local (ツクろーかる) members who are
installing their own small-scale solar power generation systems. It is
possible to generate part of your daily electricity by yourself by
buying the components and installing a photovoltaic system. This time,
one member will set up a new system and we would like to do this as a
demonstration event.

After about one and half an hour of installation work, we want to sit
around a bonfire and hear the stories of members who are already using
a small-scale solar system at home.

Date: March 17, 2013 (Sun) 13:00~15:30 o`clock (also held in case of rain)
Place: Tsukuba Konda 1338-2 (Organization for the Preservation of the
Konda Ecosystem, Office)
つくば市金田1338-2 (金田台の生態系を守る会事務所)
Meeting place: 12:40 at the Sakura Sports Gym (Tsukuba Konda 1608)
Cost: 500 yen, children and high school students free
Available seats: 15 (first come, first serve) sold out
Organizer: Creating the future in 1000 year from now - TSUKU-local (ツクろーかる)
Registration: email or tel. 090-5067-6020(Matsuoka)

【Why using a small-scale solar system? 】
You can build it yourself and understand the mechanism and repair or
enlarging the system in the future.
* Low cost
A small system costs about 50.000yen. Depending on your objective, you
can choose the appropriate parts.
* Compact
You can install it on your balcony or garden, or it can also be moveable too.
A photovoltaic system for the purpose of selling the electricity
usually has a large power output of several kW and is an expensive
investment which you need to ask professionals to get installated.
Here, we want to put together a DIY system. By assembling a
small-scale photovoltaic system ourselves, we can choose the
appropriate design for your needs, understand the system and therefore
will be able to maintain or change the system in the future. As an
emergency power source it can also provide a backup electricity

The pdf flier is downloadable from here. (Japanese)  

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